January 2016 Vol 2 • Issue 1

The Big Issue — Suspension

Riding in Mexico is not the same as riding in the USA, Canada or Europe. To enjoy the country fully we need to leave the toll freeways behind and take the two lane blacktop that winds through the country where regular Mexicans live. These roads offer some predictable "surprises" as we discuss in Riding in Mexico.

All of our bikes have BMW "GS" suspension which provides more road clearance and more suspension travel than any cruiser, sport bike, or touring bike can. It also delivers the agility and stability for carving through the turns. The result is a safer and more confident ride that leaves the rider free to enjoy the country

Our bikes can be configured for our guests with low, standard or tall riding positions.

Riders of the Sierra Madre operates motorcycle tours for experienced and licensed riders. Our guides are fluent in English and experienced with riding in Mexico.

Tours begin and end at our tour center in the town of Ajijic on Lake Chapala, only 25 minutes from Mexico's second largest airport at Guadalajara. We avoid the freeways and enjoy the sunshine, friendly people and good paved roads which feature plenty of twists and turns and elevation changes.

Please send us an email or give us a call to chat about your Mexican riding interests. Additional tours can be added to the schedule and custom tours can be arranged for groups.

All of our rides begin and end in the mountain town of Ajijic, a thousand kilometres south of the US border and a thousand north of Guatemala and from there we explore the heart of Mexico in all its variety. We enjoy the beautiful mountain roads full of sweepers and twisties on good two lane blacktop. On most of the days we ride at 4,000' -7,000' above sea level so the climate is cooler and less humid than in the coastal regions - perfect for riding.

All our accommodations are at the upper end of Mexican hotels, not just clean and comfortable but often beautiful. Mexico is world famous for its cuisine and we have searched out many delicious options from fresh seafood and Mexican specialties to bacon and eggs.

The courses are laid out by our veteran Mexico scouts who have had decades of touring experience here and have logged tens of thousands of miles exploring this country's seemingly endless great riding roads. The weather is reliably excellent for riding between November and April and the beautiful vistas will leave you awestruck. All our tours are led by mature, American and Canadian guides who live in Mexico and, where appropriate, are supported by a vehicle to carry luggage and supplies.

Whichever tour you choose you’ll find that the perfect climate, spectacular scenery, great riding, friendly people and the Mexican mystique all add up to an exhilarating experience.
No matter how often we ride in Mexico, we still call it "Motorcycle Heaven"

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