The Lauren

The Valerie

So the idea was born. Debra, the designer herself, had drawn inspiration from the needs of woman but also had been discouraged by the “shrink it and pink it” concept that permeates the somewhat male oriented industry, and felt that fashion and function needed to blend together to create products that woman really want and need. The Lauren bag was her first prototype, a sleek backpack, that quickly transitions into a purse. The bag was inspired by model and motorcycle enthusiast Lauren Hutton. The bag is practical and stylish made from a combination of leather and poly with emphasis on the durability factor.

In addition to the Lauren bag Debra also designed the Valerie, a ride bag/wallet combo. The idea for this bag came from Moto racer Valerie Thompson who admiralty is all girly when it comes to things like this. This little bag is fashionable and functional while still being pretty and safe worn as a cross body while riding.

Although its  early in the process of getting these bags in the hands of the consumer Debra is already looking at ways to expand her product lines. The concept of more embellishment has come up a lot and she is looking at design ideas to bring the bling factor while still maintaining functionality. There are also ideas to bring colour to these bags including white and red using some of the impact current trends in fashion have inspired.

Debra, a rider herself, and general Moto enthusiast, brings a tremendous energy to MotoChic Gear. She is personally excited to bring this product to market and her enthusiasm and positive attitude make her a force to recon with in the ever-growing Moto-Fashion industry.

Pre orders for the bags can be made through and bags are ready to Canada without issue.

 - Stella

The Valerie

I think your bag is the best I've ever it's made by a female who knows what a female likes/needs.

- Valerie Thompson Racing

Photo: BMF - Barbara M. Fuentes

The Lauren

We've come a long way, baby.
My muse for this design was iconic American model, actress, and motorcycle enthusiast, Lauren Hutton. Did you know Lauren was the original vice-president of the Guggenheim Museum Motorcycle Club? Yes, she's badass and so is this bag. Exclusively designed as the ultimate lifestyle bag, the Lauren converts from a functional backpack to a chic, everyday purse and is the only bag you'll ever need for on or off road adventures. Wait until you see this beauty in person…

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